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Go Green Cleaners has 4 locations to serve you better. Both our Ashland, KY and Portsmouth, OH locations feature Drive-Thru windows for your convenience.

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"It is our pledge to our customers that we will provide the best service, cleaning, and finishing possible."

GreenEarth® Cleaning

Green Earth Cleaning

Go Green Cleaners is proud to be a GreenEarth Cleaning affiliate. We use GreenEarth's environmentally safe dry cleaning process that replaces petroleum-based solvents with liquid silicone.

Earth Friendly

GreenEarth Cleaning takes better care of fabrics and the earth.

Beautiful Clothes - Perfectly clean. Wonderfully gentle. Clothes look newer longer.

Cleaner Air - No petrochemicals. No worry about smog or greenhouse gases.

Cleaner Soil - No need for regulation. No more contamination. No multi-million dollar cleanups.

Cleaner Water - Non-toxic. Nothing to contaminate our water.

People Friendly

GreenEarth is odor free. Safe for skin, allergies. It's a whole new gentle world of clean.

Nice To Your Skin - Pure and gentle. No harsh chemicals. For a clean and clothes that feel good.

Nice To Your Nose - 100% odor-free. Finally, dry cleaning without that dry cleaning smell.

Nice To Be Around - No more worry about toxic chemicals and fumes. Now that's something you can live with.

Fabric Friendly

Clean is just the beginning. Think of us as a spa for your clothes.

See the GreenEarth Difference - Clothes stay bright, whites stay white. Fabrics look new, even after repeated dry cleanings.

Feel the GreenEarth Difference - Clothes feel smooth and supple again. Just like the day you bought them.

Value the GreenEarth Difference - Keeps clothes newer longer. Safe for even the most delicate fabrics and trims.

From Yahoo! Health: Pick a Cleaner Cleaner
"Most dry cleaners use a solvent called perchloroethylene, a known carcinogen in animals. You wouldn't want it next to your skin, and when the chemical isn't disposed of properly, it can seep into water supplies. But there's hope for that wine-stained shirt. Some cleaners are switching to a harmless silicone solvent that biodegrades. Visit greenearthcleaning.com to find your nearest nontoxic cleaner."

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